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  • "First Appointment" or when you want more time with the Physio
    45 min
    55 British pounds
  • Book after First Appointment
    30 min
    45 British pounds
  • A medical Acupuncture appointment
    30 min
    45 British pounds
  • Great for supervised Physio exercise session with up to 4 clients
  • Professional Bio-mechanics assessment of your running gait
    1 hr
    250 British pounds
  • When you want advice but don't want to venture out
    15 min
    25 British pounds
  • Online Physical Assessment of injury and interactive session.
    30 min
    42 British pounds
  • Comprehensive assessment of range, strength and functional movement.
    1 hr
    120 British pounds
  • By invitation only. Select for prepaid and voucher bookings only.
    30 min
  • Woodland setting offering peace and recovery from Stress and Anxiety
    50 min
    50 British pounds
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