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Sarah C

"Nikki has treated at least four of our family at different times. She is clear and precise with her diagnosis, explains what she is doing and how it will help in an understandable way. She understands that runners need to keep running and suggests exercises that will suit a patient's activity level. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a Physiotherapist for any ache or pain".

Michelle L

"Nikki is more than just a very experienced Physiotherapist, she understands how the body and mind are connected and has a broad approach to her treratment. Im always impressed at how quickly she diagnoses problems and offers realistic and understandable rehabilitation plans.

Leigh B

“Nikki has helped me with running and cycling related injuries on two occasions. She treats and also advises exercises to strengthen and prevent a re-occurrence. I can highly recommend this lady, she is knowledgeable and a lovely person.”

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